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Has anyone exported time history data from Labview to B&K Pulse ?

I use a Bruel & Kjaer Pulse 9 system for the NVH analysis of data acquired from a DAT tape recorder. I know about the CompactRIO and I can see its potential as an ultra-portable digital data logger, for field testing. It could for example record signals from microphones or accelerometers into a binary file. But I would then need to "export" this time history data into a file format compatible with B&K Pulse platform.
Has anybody been thinking about doing exactly that ?
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Hello Philippe,
Do you know what the compatible format is for your B & K Pulse platform? LabVIEW is able to format data in many ways, if the format you require is some kind ASCII base then LabVIEW will most likely be able to generate this format. It may require more work to format data if this data format is more complex.
Do you have any more information about the B & K Pulse system? This may be helpful in getting an answer for this question.
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Unfortunately, I don't know the exact format.

Also, I have had an answer from B&K saying that to import time history, you need an application software called Type7708 Recorder. Without it, the functionality of importing/exporting ASCII files in/from Pulse is not enabled.Smiley Sad

If somebody's found a way around it, I'd like to read about it !


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Whats the interface to the Pulse system (serial, GPIB etc). And when they say you need the software - is that to sit on your PC or on the Pulse system itself?
If its a standard interface and you can figure out the format of the file then LabVIEW should be able to handle this.
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