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Hard linking path to vi's in Project Explorer


I recently started making bigger programs with Labview. For this I'm using the Project Explorer to keep track of the vi's I'm using. All the vi's that I use for the project are also located all together in a map. So for vi's that I use there are different copy on my hard drive. And here starts the problem.
Some times when I open a project it opens a vi with the same name from a different location. This can mean that my initial values are incorrect. So is there a way to hard link the location of the vi's that you are using for a project?
Thank you for your time.


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Hi Kasper,

First, keeping VIs with the same name at different location on your hard drive is something you should avoid, if your application is getting big it will be a nightmare !

Secondly, a way to know where the loaded VIs come from it to use a VI that was posted on this forum a couple of days ago, basically, it's using the vi server to get the list of VIs in memory and then for each VIS it returns the path where it was loaded from. (see example attached) That can help you to know where VIs are loaded from.
Also, to know where your VIs are loaded from, you can use the VI hierarchy and enable "show full VI path" in the "View" menu.

Then, maybe you could add a index at the end of the name for old VIs.

Hope this helps 😉

PS : I can't remember who wrote this VI but I remember giving him 5 stars, whoever it is, I hope he doesn't mine if I use it Smiley Tongue

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Antoine Chalons

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