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Hamamatsu DCAM_API init function reconstruction in vb

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I am working on controlling highest resolution x ray sensor from Hamamatsu C9732DK. 12cmx12cm
They have example for Labview, so it is very easy to rewrite in visual basic

Only problem that first and most important vi init function  is password protected, and i can't see what kind of dll calls it is making, and without that call, other functions does not work (just like in original DCAMAPI.dll)

example could be downloaded from here:
Does any one know how can i open or how can i know, what kind of dll calls that function is making with what arguments and data types, so i could remake it in vb ? All i know, that it uses tmcamcon.dll

Please any one, help me out here, it is very important to me.

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No need

Made dll from that file, now i have fast way to baypass all the original dll bs, and get simple image with only 4 functions Smiley Happy

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Could you explain how you proceed?

We have the same error.

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