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HTTP automatic refresh for LabVIEW webservice


I have created a webservice for monitoring my VIs with pictures of the frontpanel. I have done this with the example found at :

Is it possible to let this page refresh automaticly in the browser?


Thanks for your help!

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Hello Geidm,


This guy shows how to stream a picture from a webcam continuous to an internet browser. Instead of the webcam picture you can stream the Frontpanel of your LabVIEW VI.
The Refresh Rate it set by an ESP variable in the and used in the webcam.esp file. For that implementation you need some web programming skills.
Alternative you can use the Web Publishing Tool in LabVIEW.



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The HTTP meta 'refresh' tag allows you to reload a page automatically at a set rate.

You can also use Javascript to reload a page or image.
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