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HTML View in Labview?

Is there a way to show HTML view inside a *.vi front panel?  Not using an HTML report but displaying a normal looking HTML page inside Labview?  For example with a DataSocket return  In stead of getting what looks like HTML source you see the actual google webpage.

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Embed an IE ActiveX control.  That way you don't have to write your own web browser.  I'm not at a LV PC, but I believe there is a LabVIEW example that does this.  If not, there is an example on this website.
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Very cool...The example in 8.5 Labview under the NI example finder is:  ActiveX Event Callback for

Thanks for your help.  -SS

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Here is a simple example with explanation for others to use, I found the NI example a little involved. 

Sorry only an 8.5 example will be posted:  To create this *.vi follow these steps.  Under controls (right clicking and extending the menu with the double carrot at the bottom of the menu) on the front panel select .Net & ActiveX.  Select ActiveX container.  Once the container is placed on the front panel, right click it and select insert activeX Object.  Select Microsoft Web browser.  Right Click the front panel object and choose find terminal...interestingly enough double click doesn't cause normal operation of finding the object on the block digram.  To create the method node.  Right click the Web browser object in the block diagram and choose create method... and choose navigate.

Enjoy. -SS 

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"...interestingly enough double click doesn't cause normal operation of finding the object on the block digram.  "

I find that to be the case for ActiveX containers.

Try double clicking on the very edge. I seem to remeber that sometimes works.


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Tried it...doesn't seem to work?  -SS

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It works without running the .vi

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