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HP E1411B not showing in NI-MAX



I am trying to use a HP E1411B multimeter in a Racal 1261B vxi mainframe. I have the Racal resource controller in slot 1 and a racal card  in slot 3. The Racal card works fine and I can control it in Labview through the bpib. The HP E1411 card however, is not recognised no matter what slot or secondary address I set it at. The screenshots attached is what I get when I run NI-MAX.  As well as the ni drivers shown in one of the screen shots I  have also run the vxi driver for the E1411b called driver_vxipnp_E1411_a_02_17.exe available at ->

My pc runs windows 7 64 bit.

I read on another post that the passport in the Tools ->NI Visa -> visa options of MAX needs to have the line Enable NI-VISA passport for Tupil. I ticked this box but the instrument still didn't show. This tulip option is only for 32bit systems so I'm not sure if that's a problem given my os is 64 bit.??

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You should try with this driver:



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Thanks Ben. I have already tried to run that driver but the result is still the same. I can't see the HP E1411B mulitmeter in the vxi mainframe but I can see and use the other Racal card within Labview. Any other ideas?

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Have you installed th card hardware driver (Keysight I/O Library Suite)?



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I loaded the IO suite and ran. It only picked up the Rescourc Manager card in slot 0. In manual mode it does  recognise the Racal card in slot 3 but can't read the IDN. This is the same in MAX although this card in slot 3 is auto detected in the system under MAX. See screenshot.  The E1411B is in slot 2 and set to secondary address 8. See the screen shot resulting.

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