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HOST to TARGET Communication !!


I am using the NI 5783, Ni PXIe-1082 Adapter Module, Labview 17

I want to send a signal from the host to the FPGA target.

I tried several times and I changed the settings but it does not work!

What can be the problem?

Thank you.

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I would recommend starting from an existing FlexRIO example. 
If you go to example finder from LabVIEW (Help>>Find Examples...) you can then navigate to Hardware Input and Output>>FlexRIO>>IO Modules>>NI 5783>> NI 5783 - Getting Started.lvproj


There is one host VI and you can expand whichever FPGA target you're using and see how the FPGA VI is configured.
All FIFOs are stored within the Resources folder. 


Shalini M.
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