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HMR2300 Communication with Labview using USB-6001


I am trying to configure a HMR2300 Honeywell Magnetometer with Labview . I have tried to establish a connection using NI-VISA however, no readings are displayed on the screen. My second option is establishing a connection with the sensor using a USB-6001 Data Acquisition device. However, I am having trouble connecting both devices together due to them having different terminals. I have attached a picture of the terminals of both devices. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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The 6001 will not work.  You need to use a serial port.  I'm assuming you have the "HMR2300 Demonstration Kit" Mentioned in this document


What hardware were you using between the PC and the Sensor?.  That there sensor needs a bi-polar level capable port adapter at at least +/-6VDC

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