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HELPPP !! URGENT Motion detect with a webcamera !!! PLSSSSS

I tried but none of the exemples work . I need a simple vi that detects motion and a green light is on when that happens . The method is not important the easyer the bether (treshold is easy not STEI or segmentation). Thanks


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I'm not an expert in this area but I can tell you that we need more details.  What examples don't work? What version of LabVIEW do you have?  What hardware do you have?  When you say they don't work, what do they do wrong?  Do you think it's a hardware or software problem?
-Matt Bradley

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Are you able to acquire images in LabVIEW with your web camera? I'm assuming that this is s USB camera which means it will have to be DirectShow compliant to work. Additionally, you will need the IMAQ for USB driver which can be found here: . Which examples have you tried? There looks to be a good one on the community here: . You will have to fix the code in the example so that it uses the IMAQ for USB driver instead of IMAQ or IMAQdx.



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This must be some definition of URGENT that I am not aware of.
-Matt Bradley

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