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HELP - Internal Software Error occured in MIG software. Please Contact National Instruments Support.

Hi, I have encountered this internal software error as stated in the attachment image.


Currently running on NI LabVIEW NXG 2.1 and using it for vibration logging purpose with cDAQ-9171 device.


After I plugged in my usb cable from the module unit into the computer, there is no response from the labVIEW software itself and this error message was displayed.


Would appreciate any inputs or help for this issue. Thanks in advance.

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A similar error can also occur in DAQmx. You probably already looked at this.


While it does not directly apply to NXG 2.1, the underlying problem could be similar. It might be worth to try a few things such as checking your antivirus software etc.

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I suggest you "contact National Instruments Support".  Start at "".


Bob Schor

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Hi altenbach, thank you for your help.


After looking at the link, I went to examine msconfig settings and realised NI device loader has stopped and not working as seen in the attachment. I have tried finding ways to run but to no avail.


Is there any particular steps to follow to run it again? Appreciate it, thank you.

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Hi Bob_Schor,


Thank you for your advice, appreciate it.



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