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HELP!! Converting exported power spectrum graphs into legible data

Hi All, 


I am having a really rough time with this...I took some data using labVIEW, and I took the power spectrum of the signal. I set the sampling rate to 1k or one thousand samples per second, and took the data for 30 seconds. I exported the data to excel, and now excel is taking all of the sample data and summing them in the graph, its not giving me the right magnitude, or the the frequencies of the peaks in the power spectrum. I am completely lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. attatched is an example. 

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Well, you certainly did something very wrong with your code (which we can't evaluate since you didn't post it).  However, looking at the Excel workbook, sometimes there are two columns of data, sometimes there is only one, the data are exported with "truncated precision" (so numbers smaller than 0.000001 are saved as 0), it is unclear if we are looking at Data or Spectra, and a host of other questions.


So, at the present, I can definitely state that your "secret" code does not work.  Why, and how to fix it, will require that you post your code.  Note that if you post only a picture of part of the Block Diagram, this won't help us very much -- we need to see actual code.  Note that if this is part of a Project, you can compress the folder holding the Project files and attach the resulting .ZIP file for maximum "help for us".


Bob Schor

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