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Guitar tuner

hello friend,


Can u post your code if possible..? 

Message Edited by Malhar on 07-13-2009 04:46 PM
Greeting from India,
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hi if you see this and you still  have that code could you post it please thanks
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Since I see a bit of interest in this, here is a cheap-n-dirty version of my guitar tuner.  It was written to work with frequencies as low as A0 (27.5Hz) and as high as G6# (1661.218Hz).  Please feel free to critique and/or comment on it.  I added the ability for the user to change the "tolerance" for a note to be consider "just right" (tuned properly).  By default, it is +/- 0.2% of the note's ideal frequency.  I also added the ability for the user to adjust the amplitude threshold for the mic input.  It was based off of the "continuous sound input" example VI.


One thing I plan on doing is adding an actual list of available sound input devices instead of a [seemingly] arbitrary 0, 1, 2... numeric control for the input device. 

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