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Group 3folders in a single folder and save it in a new path

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Hello guys,
A simplified example of my concern:
I have 3 folders (RECORDING , RECORDING 2, RECORDING 3) containing files.
My application is to be deployed with a plug-in and I now need to group these 3 folders together and put them in a new folder called RECORDING PLUGIN which will be registered in the plugin path (Data Path plugin ) see vi below.
How can I group these 3 folders into a single folder please?

Thanks you

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Accepted by Ngouda

The question you ask is simple, but the example code you show is more complex.  Let me try to give you a simple answer.


Given:  Three folders, whose paths you know and can group into an "Array of Folder Paths", need to be moved (or copied -- I'm going with "moved" as it makes the situation simpler, only one set of folders-of-files to worry about, but changing it to "copied" should be obvious and trivial) to another folder, whose path you also know (and does not "intersect" the three soon-to-be sub-folders).


Given you are processing elements of an Array, drop down a For Loop and wire the Array of Folder Paths into it through the default Indexing Tunnel.  This will give you, one at a time, the folders to be moved/copied.  Also bring in the wire from the Folder-of-Folders through a Shift Register.


Inside the For Loop, drop a Move function from the File "Advanced File Functions" sub-Palette.  Read its Help and wire the two inputs to it.  Note where the two inputs and one output go.  [If you wanted to Copy, instead of Move, the input Folders, you'd substitute "Copy" for "Move", obviously].


The output Path will be the Folder you specified to contain the three Inputs Folders, and will contain the three Input Folders.  Very simple, all done.


Bob Schor

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Hi @,
Thanks you for fiur reply.
That works fine now.

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