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Graphs (Nodes and Vertices) in LabVIEW

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Does anyone know of a LabVIEW Library for working with Graphs (nodes and vertices, not points and lines)? I'm trying to build a dependency resolver and would rather not reinvent the wheel if it's been done before.



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You refer to something like this?

There are afaik no prepared libraries, however, enthusiast do obviously share their code. So you might be lucky to find what you want or you have to use the math functions to implement it.



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Very similar yes. I've implemented graphs before for a class (in python) and it was tedious enough that I was hoping someone had already done the hard part 😛

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Not really a library, but this might help -


Personally, I haven't had a need for this, so I never really looked into it.

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This is exactly the kind of thing I was trying to find. I ended up using an adjacency matrix to solve my immediate issue but I'll definitely review the resources you've linked. Thanks!

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