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Graphing a Customizable Circle


I'm new to LabVIEW and am looking for some help graphing a circle in an XY-plot. I created a For Loop which graphs a simple circle (see attached image). However, I'd like to make some additions to my program:

  1. I want to create arrays of X and Y (using the For Loop) so that the user can choose the number of elements they would like the arrays to have (up to 360)
  2. I would also like to limit the radius of the circle to between 1 and 10.
  3. Finally, I would like to slow down the program so that the user can see the circle being drawn.

If anyone could suggest ways to go about making these additions, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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Please attach screenshots taken from the PC in PNG format rather than 7 MB JPEG pictures!



You can set the limits that numeric controls can have.  From X (3?) up to 360 for number of segments,and 1 to 10 for radius.  On the control, right click > Properties >  Data Entry tab.


3.  You'll need to put the graph in the For Loop and build the arrays inside the For Loop instead of auto-indexing on a tunnel.  Put a Wait function inside the loop to slow down the execution.

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xy graphs "understand" complex, so all you need is an angle ramp as follows:




draw incrementally, just place the indicator inside a loop and draw an increasing subset based on [i]. 




...and if you want to draw it in the other direction or from a different starting angle, shift/negate the ramp as needed.

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Quick example (I add one extra point because the first and last point overlap):



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