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Graph indicator position property node

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Hello! I have multiple graph indicators and i want them to appear on  certain positions,so I've created property nodes where i define their exact positions.I have a tab control in my design to seperate the front panel into 2 pages and the problem is that the indicators appear on both pages.I want them to appear only on one page,how can i solve this?

Thank you for your time. 

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Accepted by cocopa

Hi cocopa,


On the front panel, if you drag the graph indicator into the correct page then it should stay there. If the graph indicator has a shadow, then it is on top of the tab control instead of inside a page. In the block diagram you should have a case structure controlled by the tab control. When you want to adjust the graph position, have the indicator and the property node inside the case for the correct page. That should allow you to move the graph around inside the page of your tab control.



Daniel H.

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Hello there,


I have a question here, what if I want the property node to be linked to 2 different graphs simultaneously? Where the graphs are in a tab control. 

Thanks in advance!

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Each graph would have to have its own property node. You can send the same data to each property node. Then they will both get the same data.


You can not have one property node for two front panel controls.



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