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Google Earth in Labview in 2012



I need to add mapping functionality to a Labview app and GE seems to be a good way of doing this. My concern is that I read a while ago (although I haven't been able to find it again) that Google is no longer supporting the ActiveX API,  so I am reluctant to use it. Is it possible to use the Javascript API in labview? I presume it would have to run in a browser control, but can Labview invoke methods in the Javascript in the HTML doc in the browser control? For instance I need to play back a GPS stream and show the current position on the map. This would involve the ability to create and destroy an object such as a placemark in GE.


Any thoughts would be appreciated,




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Hey MichaelWestwood,

I have found an example for you after doing a little digging in the discussion forums. The 11th post in the following link includes an example which is calling JavaScript functions in a WebBrowser control. It is in the Map JavaScript (simplified).zip file. This is example is for using Google map API, but it shows the calling of JavaScript functions in a WebBrowser control.


Also, I found this post on Google that should help you with using the Google Earth API and its JavaScript in your web pages:



Tommy G.
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Depending on your needs, the simplest way is to create KML files and open them.  In order to update it may work to re-open the same file (GE might raise a dialog, i've only done this manually).  A more complicated possibility is to use a parent KML file with network links and write/overwrite the network link target. GE will re-read the target at an interval defined in the link source.  Caveat: network links are designed for webserver hosted stuff (well all of google maps/earth is) and may not work locally.


There's a dotNet implementation of much of the javascript API for earth, but it's pretty involved.

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