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Going from trial to installed version of LabView

I recently downloaded the trial version of Labview 2015for Mac OSX. I wrote several VIs that I want to keep, but the trial expired without me saving them to a different location (a search using spotlight does not see the vis) . Now I am ready to instal Labview from DVDs. How can I make sure these VIs are not lost/overwritten?


Thanks for any advice.

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Even with the trial expired, your VIs should still be wherever you saved them.  Do you not know where you saved them?  Even then, you should just have to register the version of LabVIEW you already have installed to make it a full version.  No additional installations needed.

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I think there are no additional installations needed in Windows, but it seems that in OSX one cannot activate an installed version with a software key.

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You're both right about different pieces.


The Mac version can't be activated.  You'll need to run the script to uninstall that version as it's now just wasted HD space.  After that, install the full version and you'll be fine.


As far as the VIs go, they're wherever you saved them.  You'll need to know where that is.  Installing the new version won't change that.

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