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Getting a pop-up "select a log file for vi xxxxx", how can I disable this?

I am getting a strange pop-up in my application which I suspect is associated with one of my sub-vi's.
The pop-up says "select a log file for vi save matrix data to file"  where save matrix data to file is oone of my sub vi's. 
I would like to know how I can disable this pop-up (I can't understand why it asks for a log file at all).
I hope somebody can help
Many Thanks
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Typically you get that when you open/read/write to a file and do not specify a filename.  Pretty much all of the file handling functions will ask for a filename if none is specified.  I am a little alarmed that your program would be attempting to access a file when you do not expect it too.  Can you post some of the code?  This sort of debugging can be difficult without knowing more about the application.
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Well, such a popup is definitely not a default LabVIEW feature. You simply need to find out where it occurs, then recode.

To find the location, open the toplevel VI and do a "edit...find" as shown in the picture. That sould zero in on the problem area. Smiley Very Happy

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Actually, look at your settings in menu  "operate...Data logging...log". Anything interesting?

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Thanks guys

I had a dattlogging option checked in two of my sub vis that format data to an ASCII file.

Fixed now.


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 I went to "operate...Data logging...log", it caused the same popup that I get when I run my VI.  The "select a log file for" pop up.  How can I use this information to make that pop up stop popping up?




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Until you select a log file, you'll keep getting the pop-up. Why would you select logging and then not select a file? The log at completion is such a rarely used option in the first place.
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I wasn't trying to select log file, it must have been a fluke of a misclick.  


After reading your comment I looked at the Operate dropdown menu and noticed a "✓" next to "Log at Completion", that's weird.  Smiley Frustrated


I'm not used to seeing select/deselect controls in dropdown menus.  I tried deselecting it, and then labview stopped asking for a log file.  


Thanks for the assist Smiley Very Happy

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