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Getting Started Code for NI-9234

Looking for getting started code example using NI-9234 in compact DAQ platform that does not require LabVIEW RT, FPGA, or Sound and Vibration Measurement suite.  One or more of these add-ons are required for most of the LabVIEW 2017 examples.   I'm looking to implement a basic data acquisition app for a mix of single and tri-axial accelerometers.   Thanks.

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The example finder is my favorite: Continuous Voltage Input with events, or something like that, don't have LabVIEW here to look.


That example is for voltage that the 9234 can do, or you can change the task to acceleration. The other part the example that is missing is no IEPE excitation; don't know if your accelerometer needs it. You can easily add through a property node.



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