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Getting DATETIME milliseconds from SQL Database into Labview

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I am trying to extract a timestamp from my database in MS SQL and I am not getting the milliseconds when I fetch the data. Does anyone know how to program sql or labview so I can get the whole timestamp. In SQL I have it set as datetime2. I'll appreciate any help. Thanks 

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Have you confirmed the ms data is in the database?  If so, how exactly are you converting the SQL response to LabVIEW data?  If you are using the variant to data and supplying it with a LabVIEW timestamp, try changing it to a string and verify the data is in the response (you may also be able to probe the variant and see it).  I have had issues with NI's conversions of SQL timestamps into LV timestamps, particularly with bit errors so the timestamp no longer matches the timestamp in the database.  I have had to bring it in as a string, then use Scan From String to convert it into a timestamp reliably.


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Thanks for the reply. Yes, the data is in the database I have attached a few pictures of how I am doing it, maybe you can tell me if I am doing something wrong. But as you can see, I have used fetch and fetch all to try to get it and it still does not work.
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sorry the attachment is not working
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08-27-2015 04:09 PM

It looks like it is an ADO driver issue, not specific to LabVIEW.  If you use the query


SELECT Convert(varchar,Start_Test_Time,21) FROM Engine_Tests


you can get the data back in a string and convert to a timestamp.


You can also use


SELECT DATEPART(msStart_Test_Time) FROM Engine_Tests


to just get the ms part.  More info on DATEPART can be found here:



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This really helped! Thank you for your time
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