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Getting 1043 error in a development configuration


I have a simple VI running on a cFP system.  To run in the development configuration, I run the VI under the cFP target.  But now I'm trying to build an application executable for the customer.  I've created a simple VI (attached) that is supposed to open the front panel of the target VI and run it.  But when I run this I get the 1043 error saying the invoke node isn't available: "LabVIEW:  The property or method is not supported in this version of LabVIEW.

Method Name: Front Panel:Open"


When I looked this error up, it sounded like a problem with trying to call the invoke node in the run time engine but it should work in the development configuration.  But of course, I need it to work in BOTH configurations.


How do I create an exe for the host PC that will pop open the VI on the target and run?


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You're seeing this error because this functionality is not available on a real time system.  Generally, if you need to monitor a front panel on a real time system you will either need to create a remote front panel as laid out in this KB, or you will need to build a "monitor VI" that will read elements from your cFP system through either a queue or shared variables.  

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