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Get text from array of rings

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So getting text from a single ring menu is easy enough with the Strings[] property. I however cant figure out how to do the same with an array of rings?


I would like to get the text from each element - or be able to read the array of texts in one element (as they are all the same), and index through the array based on the integer value of the ring selected. I'm drawing up a blank on both. The Ring is heavily integrated into my VI (plus I like how it flows in my GUI) so I don't want to change it. 


A work around would be me hard coding the menu options in a string array, but then if I want to add options later, I will have to remember to update the array of strings, which seems less than ideal.


Any ideas?

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This is probably easier than you think. I can't post any code because I am not on my development machine.


The Array of Rings is a list of indexes. You can use this to index the Strings[] property to return the specific string on the given Ring. So, take the Array of Rings, put it into a for loop with an indexing tunnel and use it to index out the Strings[]. Concatenate or array the strings to get your array of Ring strings.


Does that make sense?

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The problem I am running into is the Strings[] property doesn't appear to be an option for an array of rings.

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you can use the property ArrayElement->Reference to get the element refnum and use it with another property node to get the element strings.

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Here is an implementation per the suggestion from MaxJoseph:



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You can right-click on an array element and create a property node for the elements.


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That works perfectly, Thanks!



I had previously tried passing a reference to a generic strings[] property and it didn't work, but I was not familiar with the "to more specific class" function.



Thanks to all for the help.


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