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Get position of the control on front panel window

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I have front panel window divided with splitters on many panes. On one pane I have a button (and an overlay window) that I would like to programmatically move at run-time. I would like to get the position of the button according to front panel coordinate system, but to my knowledge no such property exists. I know that I can calculate position if I calculate position of each slitter (or pane) that is between front panel origin and the button, but this takes a lot of time if you have many such cases.

Any ideas are appreciated.



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Where are you trying to move the control to? Another pane? Can you provide an example of what you are trying to do?

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Thank you for this source, this is exactly what I was looking for. Although, one should be careful when menu bar and/or tool bar of a window are hidden, because position of a control is not as expected. 

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I would like to use your subVI to get the control's coordinates (in Labview coordinate system) and use them as input

to programmatically move the mouse on that control, symulating a mouse_down event.

Do you know how can i do?


Thank you very much!

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