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Get flow rate

Hi, I need a little assistance with getting flow data from a dual syringe pump. I'm using fieldpoint, and have an analogue output module to receive the data. The VI posted below has the current arrangement I'm working with at the moment including a power meter, thermocouple, and strain gauge transducers. I think these are wired correctly to write data to a file, but my difficulty is connecting the pump (fieldpoint input)to the rest of my VI.
I'm using a vi, which I got from a 3rd party company, and I placed it at the bottom of the vi attached below.

Does anyone have any suggestions if this is the correct format for getting flow rate data from a pump, and how it is possible to connect it to the fieldpoint input?

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Hi Damsin,

Can you please provide the model numbers of the FP parts you have. Often there is confusion with cFP and FP modules. What version of LabVIEW has the VI been developed in and can you tell me what driver and version you have got installed?


Kirtesh Mistry
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK & Ireland

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Hi Kirtesh,

I'm using version 7.1, and thats where I developed the VI, and the vi's on the isco driver are compatible. Signal conditioning unit I'm using is cFP 1808, the module numbers are cFP-TC-120, cFP-SG-140, cFP-AI-100, and cFP-AO-210. I hope this is what you require.

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In your first post you wrote: "I'm using fieldpoint, and have an analogue output module to receive the data." which leaves me a little confused. Do you mean to say analog input module? Are you familiar with Measurement and Automation Explorer? I'm not clear on what the isco driver is? Is the isco, driver software for third party product? If so then have you been in touch with the third party manufacturer?

You can find out what National Instruments drivers you have in Measurement and Automation Explorer by branching open the software directory in the configuration tree. Can you tell me if you have developed the VI or whether you have inherited the VI (developed by someone else) and are hoping to get it all working? Have you been in touch with the VI's developer to find out how to configure your hardware setup to work with the LabVIEW VI?

I would start by checking the NI hardware you have is working as you would expect in Measurement and Automation Explorer. I.e. send known electrical signals into the input modules and read the values in software i.e. via test panels in measurement and automation explorer and like wise for output modules, for example use test panels in Measurement and Automation Explorer to output voltage values and then check with a multimeter to see if the values are appearing on the output lines of the output module.

I hope this helps

All the best

Kirtesh Mistry
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK & Ireland

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Hi, you have me thinking now. I think the data goes from the pump, and is received via an RS 232 cable directly to the computer? I think the Analogue output module is used to send info to the computer I know that eventually I need to control the pump, from the front panel but for now I'd like to recieve flow rate data. Will the RS 232 cable work for doing this, or does the data go in throgh the AI module and out the AO module.

Everything is working Ok. I configured all the intruments in Measurement and Automation, and received data the other day. They where written in text format, and I needed decimal places. I converted the measurements by multiplying each by a 1000, and then reconverting them back when I pasted them in excel. It was a pain doing it. Can you advise on how to write to spread sheet file?
I wrote the program myself with a little help from this discussion forum. The company that supplied the driver is teledyne isco, and I should give them a ring.

I might be jumping the gun a bit, but I was trying to find a way of using the AO module as a means of getting a signal from the pump. Thats why I have my VI with that express vi, and beside it a vi that I got from the teledyne isco driver, which was entitld 'get flow rate,' I was baffled by not knowing what to do with both of them since dynamic data is coming out of the express vi, and theres no where to wire it too. Are both like chalk and cheese? Do I need to rethink that plan?

I'm sure you can sense my confusion.

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