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Get default datatype for input on a vim?

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@drjdpowell wrote:

wiebe@CARYA wrote:

@drjdpowell wrote:

Do the zero-iteration-loop and diagram-disable methods behave the same for child-class objects on parent-class wires?  Do they return default child or default parent objects?

Just tested this to make sure. Both behave exactly the same: You get the default of the exact class that's wired. Wire a child, get a default child. Wire the parent, get a default parent.

I found the opposite, though I might have explained my query badly. 

I figured it wasn't as simple as it seemed to be.


I guess it's nice to have the distinction between the two methods. Now we have two options.


The two options can be put in two .vims for reuse. Even though the code inside it would just be a disabled structure and a 0 iterations for loop, the name of the VI and optional documentation would justify it, IMHO.


Tricky stuff.

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Neat stuff, I didn't realize there was a case where the 0 iteration loop and a default on a case structure would have different results.  Given what I see I'll stick with the 0 iteration loop, since that is the effect I think I'd want.  I feel like a single comment on the BD can explain what the purpose of the loop is and why it was selected.

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