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Get Selected Element indexes (row and column) from an Array

Hi everyone,


Since i started working in labview, i felt the necessity of a property or invoke node which will allow me to get the row and the column of a random selected element from a 1D or 2D array. 


Because Labview has no such property node or invoke node, i decided to create my on VI to do this stuff. It's working, but i was curious if someone found any other solutions. 

I think it's a very useful feature, and i hope it will help many of you.


Lookin forward for other solutions !



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See here

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Good example, but it doesn't take into consideration if the label, caption or index of the array are active. Those elements change the position and bounds of the array if they are active :D. Also, it's applicable only for numeric array, if i'm not wrong. (array strict) . If you have a string array, the ref will not work in that example. 


Yet, i find an issue for my VI. It doesn't take into account if you have active scrolls. I have to work a little to it to add to the indexes the position at which the scrollbar is or to add the values from the index display of the array.





p.s. i added the new version 

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