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Get SCXI Info for SCXI-1520

I am going to purchase a SCXI-1520 strain gauge module. In my code, however, I would like to detect which SCXI slot the user has installed it. I've done it with other cards, using the Data Acquisition->Calibration and Configuration->Get SCXI Information.VI. In the help menu for this VI, however, it doesn't say what the VI will return for a scxi-1520. Does anyone know, or can try this for me quickly?


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The Get SCXI will return a 51 for the module type. Note that I do find it odd that the help for the VI states that anything not on the (limited) list of SCXI modules is not supported by that version of LabVIEW. I'm using 6.1!

Anyway, you don't actually need a 1520 to find that out. Just convice MAX that you've got one and the VI will return your configuration.


Daniel L. Press
PrimeTest Corp.
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Thanks, Dan. Exactly what I was looking for. Incidentally, I think I'd have to have at least a DAQ board and an SCXI chassis, and then tell NI-DAQ that I have a 1520 in the chassis when I don't. Is that what you mean?

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I think so. I've got a DAQ board installed, but my chassis isn't connected. I "created" the chassis in MAX and lied about it being connected to my DAQ board. You get the idea.

Glad to help!

- Dan
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