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Get Project LabVIEW Version

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Lets say I have a random LabVIEW file.  I can use the Get File found in the VI.lib to figure out what the file type is.  It could be an Instrument, Control, Project, Library, XControl or a bunch of others.  If it is a VI I can use the Get VI Version invoke node to find what version of LabVIEW it was made with.  If it is a Library I can use the Library.Get File LabVIEW Version to get the version, or if it is a project I can use the Project.Get File LabVIEW Version.


What I find strange, is if I have a VI saved in 2013, and I run the invoke node for reading the LabVIEW version but my development environment is 2011, it will say the VI was made with 2013.  But if I have a project saved in 2013, and use the invoke node to read the version, and my development machine is 2011, I get an error saying File version is later than the current LabVIEW version error 1125.


Is this a bug?  I mean I can read the project file as text and parse it with a XML parser to find the version.  So why does this function choke and die when trying to read newer file versions, but a VI and Library can be read no problem?

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This was a bug in the "Project.Get File LabVIEW Version" method. It was fixed in LabVIEW 2012.

DNatt, NI
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