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Get Pixel Values from Line Profile Graph As Array.

Hi guys, 

I am really new in Labview and  need your help.I would Like to get Pixel Values along a Line . I Made a Programm in Vision Development and export it as Labview Vi. The program get the pixel values of the line automatically and plot them in Line Graph . But I want to connect it to PLC therefore I need every Pixel values to compare with a threshold Value.


Now My question


I want  to get pixel values along a line as an Array ( all Data of y Axis as an array )  and set a threshold, if Pixel Values are higher than threshold Value, then give me an Output Signal. 

How should I Program it.

I attached my program and Graph.


Thank you in advance










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This is 2019, that kind of attachment doesn't begin to make sense.

If you MUST attach a picture, take a screenshot (or please, a picture from straight on instead of angled).  If that isn't a requirement, attach the VI itself (not a picture of it) so we can take a look and work through it.

I tried to take a quick look at the picture and was having more frustration with reading it than I'm willing to put into it.  I suspect you'll find similar sentiments elsewhere.

Though, if you're creating a graph, you already have an array of all the values.  I'm not sure what it is you're hoping to do here.

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Post your VI (not a picture of your VI, or even worse, as you did, a picture of a screen showing a picture of your VI).


I'm not sure what you mean by "pixel values".  I see what looks like a graph (I can't see that picture clearly either), but am not sure how you got it (I think that might be shown in the "picture of a picture", but who can tell?).  If it is a graph, or a picture of a graph, meaning that you have a set of pixels where (a) the pixel value takes on one of two quantities, say "black" or "red", and (b) all (or almost all) the X pixel values are represented by a single "on" ("red"?) pixel, then it should be a piece of cake to simply find the coordinates of all the "on" ("red"?) pixels, sort by X (which should have equally-spaced single entries) and return the Y values as the Array of Pixel Values.


Bob Schor

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Thank you for your quick reply and sorry for pictures.


I know that we need set of data to plot a diagram.I generated this LabView code using Vision Assistant. I have worked with LabView since two days ago. Therefore I do not know how can I get these automated generated values or set of data from 0 to 255 on the Y axis from my graph. (I need all points that are plotted and I showed in new picture on the y axis). I attach a picture and the VI Code.



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