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Get LV Class Default Value Error 1498 reloaded

Hello there,


I know there's already a thread with that topic, but it does not cover my problem. I use LV9SP1 and some LVOOP classes which get loaded dynamically with "Get LV Class Default Value". I came into trouble when deploying my application as an exe. "Get LV Class Default Value" returned error 1498 when running from deployed application. I tried a lot of things until I found out the supposed reason for the error.


I make the following assumption: If a LV class has a dependent VI which is part of a LVLib then "Get LV Class Default Value" will fail when running from a deployed application no matter if the dependant LVLib is also deployed and put to a location where it can be found by the LV class. Please correct me if I am wrong.


To make it more clear I try to give an example:



- classA.lvclass with method

- from libA.lvlib

- all VI's from libA.lvlib are in same folder as classA.lvclass

- no other dependencies

Result: "Get LV Class Default Value" will fail with 1498



- classA.lvclass with method

- in same folder as classA.lvclass but not part of a lvlib

Result: "Get LV Class Default Value" will succeed


Additional info:

- the compiled exe do not contain classA.lvclass nor Exe is also same location (everything is in same folder)




- Thomas -
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Nobody here who care or know if I am right or not, is this a bug, a feature ... ???

- Thomas -
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Have you found a solution for that?

Eugen Wiebe
Bernstein AG
CLAD - Certified LabView Associate Developer
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No solution found. A LV class cannot be loaded when it has dependecies to some VI belonging to a lvlib. I have rearranged my code to bypass this.

- Thomas -
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