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Get IP address of a cRIO Programmatically

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Hello guys,


I have a code running on a cRIO. I want to display the IP address of the cRIO in a VI. I tried with IP to String node. But it didn't work as it returned Is there any other way through which I can display it?




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Hello Prasanna,


Have you tried using the System Configuration VIs to get this information? I suggest using a Hardware Property Node to access this information.

I do not have access to a CompactRIO right now, but I presume something similar to the next image should work:


2018-09-30 13_58_33-Untitled 1 Block Diagram on Untitled Project 1_My Computer _.png



All the best,

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And alternative is to use the String to IP, with empty input, followed by an IP to String function. It's the String to IP function that defaults to the local IP address, if the input is left empty. This only works reliably if you have a single Ethernet interface, otherwise you need to put the String to IP into multiple mode by selecting the "Multiple Output" in the right click menu and putting the IP to String inside a For Loop.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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