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Generic icon in Add/Remove Programs list

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While that sounds like it will change the uninstall icon of an already installed program, what I need is for my installer to do that automatically for all of my customers after I distribute it.  Please let me know if I am missing something or misunderstanding.


Although, maybe I could duplicate that regedit process with a custom post-install batch file?  Hmm...



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Great idea! I can't help you creating those files that edits the registry, but it's easy to find. I've created some a long time ago, it's very easy and has only a few lines, just Google for a tutorial. At first I had in mind the idea that you've created your own installer, like I always do, because it gives you more possibilities. I'm glad I helped a little bit. - Matheus L. Rocha
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Hi Matt,


Your suggestion work perfect for me.. 

Thanks for the idea.


How can I fix the product ID for my applcation. as it is keep on changing with new installer.


Please suggest me.




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