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Generic File I/O Path Too Long RT Deploy

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Accepted by topic author Hooovahh

Go to Options -> Paths and replace the default temporary directory with one of your choosing.

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Awesome, that makes the build work without error.  I'll look into making this a standard config for all systems I use.

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I think there was a discussion similar to this, possibly on Info-LabVIEW, a while back.  The Mac, like Linux, allows much longer file paths but builds were failing at a temporary path which exceeded the lengths you had trouble with.  It always seemed to occur on "buried" files and folders which no one ever sees or cares about. 


I do not recall that anything other than the crude, awkward, and not certain to work work-around you are using was proposed. The suggestion that NI should assure that builds always work if the project path length was within OS limits did not get much traction.



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