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Generating a flicker signal VI?

Generating a flicker signal VI?

Hello all,


I'm currently creating a program which creates several tests concerning Power Quality with a Daqmx PXI-4461.

First of all i would like to say that i have no problem generating or reading signals with the Daqmx.


I'm currently at the point where I want to generate a flickering squarewave signal (flickering = small voltage dips over time) with the Daqmx, and was wondering if there was an example somewhere on the web that lets me insert the flickerfrequency and % decrease compared to the RMS value


Like a good professor of mine always said, its better to edit an excisting example then to start from scratch!





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Re: Generating a flicker signal VI?

Hello Dennis


I didn't directly find directly usable code, but I did find something else:


I think that especially the first document could help you a bit further.

Another thing you could try is contacting the author of the case study to request if he can send you his code.

Kind Regards,

Thierry C - Applications Engineering Specialist Northern European Region - National Instruments

If someone helped you, let them know. Mark as solved and/or give a kudo. Smiley Wink

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