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Generating a PWM wave using 9263 module.



I was just trying to generate a SIne-Triangle PWM wave using the 9263 module. But i am still not able to obtain any output from the DAQ port Ao0 . Is it something to do with my configuration using DAQmx. I am attaching my sample program. I am able to generate the PWM but not able to take it out. 


Expecting a reply soon and thanks in advance.

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Hi PankajllSc,


From the code you have attached, Daqmx create channel is now set to "analog input". In order to generate the output, you will need to change the setting to analog output.

Another suggestion would be move the VI outside the while loop as the channel only need to be created once.


You can also study on how to use DAQmx by browse through the example provided by NI. The example located as follow,

Help -> Find Examples... -> Hardware Input and Output -> Daqmx -> Analog output


Hope this help


Best regards,


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