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General purpose Error Handler Routines

While developing various applications we found out that error handling is one of the most important(at the same time one of the most ignored) task. so we decided to develop some modules which will allow us to configure the handling methods
after develoment we think that this library can be useful to everyone, hence we are making it public
please feel free to give your feedback, bug report, improvement ideas etc...
you can also mail me at

Tushar Jambhekar

Jambhekar Automation Solutions
LabVIEW Consultancy, LabVIEW Training
Rent a LabVIEW Developer, My Blog

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Impressive job !

Thanks alot for sharing this Smiley Surprised

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.


Antoine Chalons

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I was just about to get into writing something similiar to this, but I will put your VERY NICE code to good use. I can find nothing to even improve on, even to the smallest detail. I thank you for sharing this to the community and myself.

Chris Co

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Hello Tushar,


Thanks for sharing your work on the forum. We really appreciate it. Smiley Happy



Chetan K

Application Engineer

National Instruments


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