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Geiger Counter + Arduino + Labview



I am a new client of Labview and I have a problem with getting counts from Geiger counter. Geiger connect to Arduino UNO. I don t have any problem with connection with PC. I am able to use for any projects and  but I cannot succeed with Geiger. If you don t know Geiger I can say that this is a particle counter. It is counting particles real time and I want to see this counts in my Labview screen in real time.


You can find the product in aliexpress if you want as "Assembled Geiger Counter Kit; Nuclear Radiation Detector;GM Tu"


How can I draw a program? what should I do?

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If you are new to LabVIEW, I really recommend to take some tutorials first. If you want to interface LabVIEW with Arduino, then you should check out the LINX website:

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I checked that page and its forum but I cannot find the project same as mine. I need to get my signal in real time. Thats it.


Thanks for your answer btw.

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You really haven't given enough information for any one to help. There is not going to be a program written just sitting and waiting for you to download.


If you want help you need tell us how you are interfacing to this device what software packages you are using. (there are a lot of add on with LabVIEW)

How you plan to acquire the data you are looking for etc...

What is your programming computer what OS are you using. Telling me you have a Geiger counter is like me asking you to fix my car. I'm not going to tell you what is wrong or even what kind of car I have can you fix it?


Please provide more information if you want help.

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I dont want you to fix my car or geiger, whatever. I think you did not read my problem, really. 


Forget about Geiger and chance the story. I have a detector which is sending my arduino (which is written on the title) every second. And i want to count my signal when i get; and see on Labview. Thats all. 


Dont think about car and read my question again! There is no fix or broken something. If you don t able to say it, just be silence. 


Thanks. And plase, someone who can understand my (i think it is so easy for you) problem to help me. 

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Look Nuked,


I will be silent from here on out good luck getting help. I will reiterate what I told you before. You did not give enough information for someone to help. Give more information or you will get many of the same questions that I asked. You did not even try to answer any of the questions that I asked you. You have to help us help you.


Good Day,


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You just ruin your chances to get useful help. If you do not make any effort why you expect someone from the forum will help you for free??


I advise you to read this guideline:

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I don't really understand your setup, but I'd like to help you if I can, but 1st a question:


I imagine that you used the Arduino IDE to program the UNO are you able to read the serial data with the IDE?
If so, you just need to do something like this example. Keep in mind that you can only listen to a Serial Port with one device at a time AND when you connect to the Arduino serial port, the Arduino will reset.

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Hi, thanks for your respond.


I am using Arduino UNO (with Ethernet Shield) and Geiger Counter (


My connection is like:


Geiger - Arduino Uno (with Ethernet Shield)

VIN     -  D2

5V      -  5V



If I telling you about Geiger's working principle: When a particle (like gamma particle) enter the tube, it sends the signal to Arduino. I can get the signal via Arduino IDE. But in Labview I cannot get the signal. Probably, I could not set the projects in the right way. 


FYI, I read temperature or light flux with sensors but Geiger counter. Do you need more specific information ATE-EGNE. I don't need any complex projects right now. I just need to know how to I get this signal and how can I count it(/per min or /per second).





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I do need more information:


Please start at the beginning and explain your project and your problem in detail, please include pictures of what you have currently and a clear explanation of where you're having a problem. Here's an example of a question I asked.


Also, make sure to check/include:

1) Proof your Arduino Code is working?

2) How are you talking to the Arduino from the computer? USB (Serial) or ethernet?

3) Are you sure that the computer is getting the data?

4) What you have written in Labview so far?


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