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Gaussian fit, levenberg-marquardt & more

Labview 8.0

I am looking for a proper gaussian fit. Now I use the levenberg-marquardt algorithm to fit "a0*exp(-((x-a1)/a2)^2/2)+a3", but it is really slow. The Labview Gaussian Peak Fit is really fast but the "a3" offset is missing. I need this because we have a lot of background radiation, how can I solve this?

Thx for help,

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This should be really fast using the VI model (It seems you are using the formula string model).
Attach some typical data and I give it a try.
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Also have a look at the shipping example "Fit sum of 3 gaussians with". Start from there and simplfy it. 😄
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thanks, also thought about that. i will give it a try.

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