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Gauge scale is not writable

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Hello everyone,


I have a Cluster with a few buttons and numeric controls. I want to drop a Gauge inside this cluster and set the scale dynamically in the program.


1. The gauge is now a control (?) which I can grey out but still looks like poor design

2. I cant control the gauge scale using the property node (The option 'change to write' is greyed out and not available


EDIT: The cluster is a typedef


What am I missing?

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Can you show your typedef and code example?
My test has no this problem

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Hi s.h.,


1. You can also disable the gauge without greying it out…

2. You cannot create a "value" property node for the gauge and write a new value into this property?


Is the cluster a strict typedef?

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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It is a strict typedef and there is the problem I suppose. With Elements or normal cluster I have no problems.


Is it possible for strict typedefs?


If not I will reduce the scale from 0-100 and have to display the value somewhere seperatly (not the most elegant solution)

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make typedef without "strict"
If you want modify view of control, it's not a strict.

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Strict typedef is not the problem.


I have three typedef cluster


Master (typedef strict)

 --- Slave1 (typedef strict)

 --- Slave2 (typedef strict)

    |---- Indicator1

    |---- Gauge


With the standalone typedef there is no problem but nested inside anther some write property nodes may not allow writing operation

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Accepted by s.h._tech

Did you make all levels of your typedef's non-strict?


I don't mess with strict typedef's, so I'd have to experiment to be sure, but the highest level typedef being strict might be essentially locking the view of the lower level typedefs.

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There is one more problem with typedefs in UI. If you adjust the view in VI (size, color, captions, etc) and then modify typedef data, it will reset the VI view to the view of typedef. So on front panel I either use strict typedefs or not type defs. 

I have added Idea to apply typedef front panel appearance to typedef file, but it is not popular.

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Since the two Slave clusters are 'strict-typedefs 'and the master is just the datadump for better visibility in the BD the master can be set as 'typedef'. Now I can access the propertys of the slaves.


Thanks for the help

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