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Garmin Vector Pedals ANT+ USB in LabVIEW

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i would like to read the data from the Garmin Vector pedals in LabView. For this I would like to use the Ant + USB Stick Garmin.

I read a lot of similar topics in the Forum. But there was no real solution. Is there someone, who works in the same topic or someone, who has already a solution?

I read also about an ANT+ Toolkit, but i don't know where i can find it.


Any insight would be appreciated.


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Accepted by topic author Remensberger
10-26-2016 05:24 AM

Hi BR,


I have a solution for this problem, as I am the developer of the toolkit you mention.

Communication with the Garmin Vector 2 pedals using an ANTUSB-m is possible, we have tested it here at the office.

Unfortunately our website is currently undergoing a big redevelopment so it is not complete with all the information, but you can check it out here. There is still quite a bit of work to do on the website so please have a bit of patience when looking for things.

You can also find contact details on the website if you have any questions.




Darren Mather CLA &
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Hello Darren,


thank you very much for your fast answer.


I have written an email to the contact details you gave me, but i haven't received an answer so far.

Do you know how long i have to wait for an answer.

Or can you give me informations, how i can buy this toolkit? And how much it will cost?



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Hi BR,

I have not received an email from you, I have just checked my spam and also nothing in there.


Could you try sending it again, maybe try sending it direct to me:

Once I have the mail I will reply straight away, sorry for the confusion.



Darren Mather CLA &
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