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Garbled text

Hi all


I have a problem which is very irritating and time consuming.


I am using Labview 8.5.1 Developers Suite and sometimes when I load a VI the characters or digits are garbled, only showing boxes instead of their real value, they seem to work but it is impossible to

work with the VI, if I accidentally save the VI all my work is lost, because it alway loads garbled after that.

I have searched and searched on and I can´t find anything on the subject???? 


I attached pictures of the problem!!! 


I REALLY hope that someone can help????



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You can try to change the Application and System Font under the LabVIEW options to a defined font, like Arial. Maybe its a problem with the font you configured for your OS.



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This behavior normally occurs when using special fonts which are not present on the system.  So please check if you only use one of the three default fonts

- System

- Application

- Dialog


If so, you  may have issues in the sizing of the elements....


hope this helps,


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I've had this happen when using a barcode scanner reading non-printable ASCII characters.  The other responses make sense to me.
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