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GTX Transceivers CLIP generation on NI-6592R(Using Kintex-7 Board)



I am trying to develop a clip for accessing GTX transceiver pins on Kintex-7 board which is used in NI-6592R High Speed Serial Interface card.

There is one Block with name "IBUFDS" used for clocking of GTX Transceivers. I have done code for same in VHDL. But when I call it in labview for creating CLIP, I am getting errors on using IBUFDS block. The details of the error is as follows:-


" Rule violation (REQP-1619) IBUFDS_GTE2_driven_by_IBUF - IBUFDS_GTE2 PXIe6592RWindow/theCLIPs/Port_0_CLIP1/ibufds_instq2_clk0 pins I and IB should be driven by IBUFs."


My VHDL Design is like this:


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 I am already driving Inputs through IBUFs. Did anybody faced same problem? Please help me on solving this issue.



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