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GPIB readout from spectrum analyzer HP4195a

Does someone know how I can readout a HP 4195a spectrum analyzer with GPIB? I have a GPIB-USB cable. I can't readout the flopy disk from the spectrum analyzer in my PC.

Thanks, Ruben
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I have a very old "generic" driver for this one
see attachment
greetings from the Netherlands
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Thanks Albert,

I've tried your programs, I can give the S.A. commands, like SAVE and GET, but I'm still not able to readout the data from the S.A. into labview. I hope you have some experience in that?

Groeten uit Holland terug.
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Call me on the phone, maybe a gpib card or installation problem.
one of the problems that can happen is a too speedy interface for an old instrument.

phone = 040 27 47234
greetings from the Netherlands
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Thanks for your offer, but due to some help I used your programs to build a new one, when it is finished I'll attach it here.
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Hi Albert

I just want to thank you for a very nice driver for 4195A.
Although I have not tested it yet and I need to update it for latest VISA, I consider your contribution as a "Day Saving" help.
Your post is the only one on the whole developper exchange, which has this driver.
Thank you for that.

Do not want you to consider submit your driver to NI (
Then it will be accessible to more people.

thanks again
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hello albert

i need help for my project to connect the hp 4193a with a usb/gpib interface 82357a to the pc and programming

with labview 7.1. i tried your driver but i dont have any connection on my pc.

if you can help me please call me

oliver ohme,berlin germany

0049 30 3828604 (homephone)

0049 173 2055497 (  d2 )

or email:

or give me yor number so that i call you.

with nice greetings from berlin olli

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Hi Olli


Just a comment.

I have been using this converted with this network analizer. It works.... but you need to be carefull. Sometimes, the GPIB from network analizer will lock without a reason and even powering down will not change a thing. The only way to get it out of the lock is to disconnect it from the network analyzer.


good luck



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Hi Olli


the 4193 and 4194 are quite different, which driver did you try?


greetings from the Netherlands
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is the driver that you would build ready?

il search for a driver for labview 7.1.

what we want to do is the hp4195a connected with gpib-usb interface agilent 82357a to pc

programming with labview 7.1 so that all functions or the most where using over labview on pc and also to print the grafics with pc.

thanx and greetings olli

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