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here i list out all ip port on my pc. and i also attached the ip address from the TDS3012C

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You need to go into the IP address setting of your ethernet adapter, set it to static, and set it to  Set the gateway to that, and the subnet mask to


Right nown it looks like you have 3 different hardwired ethernet adapters.  But since they are all showing a 169.x.x.x address, that means they aren't on a network, and they are all set for dynamic addresses and looking for a network to join.

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I'm confused as to what you want to do. Do you really want the scope on the company network or dedicated to your pc? I would not recommend a dhcp configuration on the company network but that is up to you. If you are connected to the same network, you should be able to ping the scope. If you can't, get your it department to help.
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i want it dedicated to my pc. if you  not recommend a dhcp configuration. what should i do then?

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Set your IP address for the ethernet adapter (on the PC) to be a static address like it has been said several times before.

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sorry sir

do i have to do as attached

Once i hace change into static ip address, then i have to change the ip address in the scope same as the pc address?

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Yes, you want a fixed on the pc. One of your screen shots shows a dedicated ip on the scope of Pick one of the ports on the pc and set it to Done except for figuring out which port is which on the pc.

They are on the same subnet. You do NOT set them to the same.
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Ok sir. i think i got you


1: set static ip adress on my pc (eg:

2: next configure scope with DHCP off. insert 'instrument ip address:

                                                   do i have to change my gateway ip address?                       

i followed through this article but my pc cannot detect from the scope -


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I just told you that they had to be different and you went and made them the same. I'm done.
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Sorry sir.


i did that as the tutorial in the link. 

  Intrument IP:

  Dns IP         :

  Gateaway IP:


for the DNS and Gateaway IP - is it leave it blank? 



  Ip address:


is it like this?


i am new to this device and dunno nothing about it.

hope you can bear with me for few months



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