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G Web Server is slow when using 2 network cards

I have an application that uses the CGI functionality of the G-Web Server.  We have recently notices that if we have 2 network cards installed on the PC and both are enabled, the response time of the requested web pages is very slow.  The G-Web Server itself seems to be running normally.  If you disable the extra network card, it responds very quickly.  Any ideas?  I was thinking it might have something to do with the routing table.
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How are the two NICs configured? Do they reside on different subnets? Do you use some kind of load balancing?

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Yes, the cards are on different subnets. 

I found out just by trying stuff that if you put the client's IP address in the Hosts file of the Host PC (Running G Web Server), it immediately starts responding quickly.  I guess that it has something to do with how Windows resolves network connections.
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