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G Toolbox release 2

G Toolbox release 2 is available for download.
Totally ~140 VIs. 10% new VIs, features:

DragDrop library - Support DragDrop at runtime. Notify you whenever
a file is dropped, where it is dropped, and what file is dropped.

DragObject library - Detect drag LabVIEW objects at runtime.

HotKey - A Hot Key is a set of unique key combinations. When pressed,
the specified window will be notified by an occurance, regardless which
window is active as long as the thread are same.

Other new VIs include: Global Hotkey, Find Chind Window, Get/Set
Foreground Window, Add/Clear Most Recently Used file list, etc...

Revised VIs include:
button library - Create Flat buttons at runtime. Support rise when
mouse hover, flat when mouse leave. Toggle
between text/icon mode.
Trigger occurrance when pressed, no polling need, ever !
Add one on your toolbar/menubar !

Pie Chart - 3D Pie Chart, with thickness.

Polar Plot - Line style added: dash, dot, dash dot, ... and line width.

Other revised VIs include: SnapView, Redraw Event, etc...

George Zou
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