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Fuzzy Logic Toolkit

I followed the truck maneuvering example in the 'PID Control Toolset User Manual' and tried to use the 'I/O-Characteristic' test facility. But, when I tried to run the test facility, I realized that there is no run & stop buttons in the window. By the way I did not do the exact the same things the book showed. For instance, the example uses 5 terms for one input and 7 for another one. I used 3 for both. But, I think basically I followed the most steps he mentions in the example. Do you have any idea what went wrong, or can you tell me how I can run the test facility?

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Dear Airo,
I have exactly the same problem. have you got any answer to your problem.
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Hi Airo,

I managed to find the problem for you. If you go to the fuzzy controller (and all it's subvi's).

Select File>>VI properties >> Execution you will see that it is all set to subroutine.  This means that sometimes (more often than not) the code won't actually run at all.

You need to set this to anything but subroutine.  This will solve the updating all the values problem.  As for the play buttons etc missing..

Hope this works (it did for Dedy)



Applications Engineering Team Leader | National Instruments | UK & Ireland
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Dear AdamB,
I am just wondering if you could help me a bit. I have two problems. The first one is, I'm working with the fuzzy logic toolbox from matlab. I created a .fis file with some rules from the fuzzy editor in the fuzzy logic toolbox from matlab, wich I want to run in labview, with the matlab script. How can load the fis file? I tried with the examples attached, but it didn't work.
The second problem is I have been doing some work with fuzzy logic toolbox in Matlab. The fuzzy inference system (FIS) built in Matlab environment is quite simple and straightforward. An example of the FIS in Matlab can be found in the attachment. Now I want to use the fuzzy logic toolkit from Labview to perform the same task. An example of the FIS in Labview can also be found attached. Although the FIS properties in Labview has been made the same as in Matlab, the result of the defuzzification is different. The FIS properties in Matlab are:
And method: prod
Or method: max
Implication: Prod
Aggregation: Sum
Defuzzification: Centroid
The FIS properties in Labview has been made:
Defuzzification Method: Center of Gravitiy (which is another name for Centroid)
If no rule is active: Take last value
Inference Method: Max-Min
Select form of rulebase: Normal rulebase
For instance, if the input to FIS is Matlab is -3.51, the output is 0.202. However, with the same input, the output from FIS in Labview is 0.30.
Perhaps you could help me?
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I want to test my fuzzy controller and my rules and print out the I/O characteristic field.

I could not even find where can I see the I/O characteristic field as mentioned in refrence manual figure 3-17.

I was wondering if you can help me.




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