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Funny bug: square wire

labview bug square wire.jpg 

Some of the cluster wires were corrupted by Labview after saving and become square.

Don't tell me this time that this is a feature Smiley Very Happy


There is no damage to Vi functionality but just looks funny.


Labview 12f5 32bit


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Neat.  Sometimes I get things like this:




Is your condition repeatable?  If you delete/rewire it, will it work as expected?

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I am the chosen one, I am afraid it would be not possible to reproduce for the others Smiley Very Happy

As I said there is no damage to functionality, Vi is workable and editable as usual.

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The only times I've seen this is with auto-cleanup on very large block diagrams or sections of the BD that are far away from the origin.  what is the location of the square wire?

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