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Full remote access of VI Front Panel



I have a VI whose front panel I want to put on my blog. I don't mean the screenshot of the front panel, I mean the actual front panel. Whoever visits my blog can have working access to the VI. I've read up on remote accessing VIs but all instructions require the device which is remotely accessing the VI, to be connected on the same network and its IP address be in the allowed IPs list. I don't want that. I've even read up on the VI web publishing tool, and followed instructions. That doesn't solve my issue as well. I want to publish the VI so that anyone visiting the website gets access to it. Is this possible?

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There is no restrictions from where the VI can be accessed as long as it can be reached (e.g. NAT port forwarding and such). However, the classic front panels require a NPAPI plugin, which is no longer supported on most moderns browsers for security reasons.


LabVIEW NXG has web panels, so this is probably a better solution.


Is your blog hosted on the server of a hosting company or on a private computer?

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Thank you for your response! 

My blog is actually on

Here's the blog. So I want my VI to be available on a post in this blog & anyone who visits this blog should be able to use it. Is it possible? If so, can I get some learning resource links on it?

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